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Master 2016

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Master - Movie Poster
Action | Adventure | Crime | Drama | Thriller
1080p (Resolution: 1920 x 1080)
3.38 GB
Frame Rate:
24 fps
143 minutes / 02 h 23 m
Released Date:

IMDB Rating:
Audience Score:
Directors: Ui-seok Jo

Movie Description:
JIN Hyun-pil heads up a multi-level marketing company called 'One Network Inc.' that has an extensive network covering all of Korea. The Intellectual Criminal Investigation's Chief, KIM Jae-myung, is on to Jin's company suspecting its deep and widespread connection to CEOs, politicians, and bureaucrats. Kim catches a break when he tracks down the company's IT architect and brain, PARK Jang-gun. Kim persuades Park to hand over information on Tech Hub and Jin's secret ledger, in exchange of a plea bargain. Park pretends to cooperate while making his own plans to turn in his boss and steal the company's huge secret fund. Jin gets wind of the police closing in on him. He closes off his scheme in Korea and stows away with his partner, hiring assassins to execute Park. Kim never gives up pursuing Jin but 6 months later, news about Jin's murder stirs the country once again.


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